Telling a Better Research Story

posted on April 8, 2015 10:01am

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Princess Adjei-Frimpong (Center) with BHEARD co-directors Fred Derksen and Anne Schneller (view larger image)

Telling a Better Research Story

Michigan State University’s Princess Adjei-Frimpong, a BHEARD scholar from Ghana participated in the “Telling a Better Research Story” workshop and has had a video produced telling her story.

 Princess says the following about her experience:

 Most often communicating one’s research to the public and decision makers can be very difficult. The reason being that you will have to use less technical terms and possibly images that will help with understanding. Personally, this has always been a challenge so I decided to attend this ‘Telling a Better Research Story” workshop. My video was recorded in the Fall 2014, at the workshop organized by The Translational Scholar Program through the Global Center for Food Systems Innovation (GCFSI). 

 The main goal of the workshop was to help student researchers develop digital storytelling skills, and also empower them with the ability to communicate their research directly to the public and decision makers in simple terms. The workshop emphasizes on Planning, Producing and Sharing digital stories. The facilitators provided relevant materials on each aspect to ensure the digital stories produced convey the right message to the public.

 This video was also entered in a contest sponsored by the Resilient African Network.

 I am grateful to Dr David Poulson and Rashad Muhammad for their guidance.

Princess’s video “Growing Ghana” on exploring the yield potential of sorghum and pigeonpea cropping systems in Northern Ghana can be viewed on YouTube.

Another instance of this workshop is being offered late Spring 2015.  You can find more information on how to Plan, Produce, Share: Telling a Better Research Story and what is expected for the short workshop.